I have been interested in Virtual Reality film making for some time and stumbled on a reference to a VR (immersive 360 degree experience) film called White Room : 02B3. It is being distributed via iOS and Android apps and watching it on a mobile device does convey the experience of being in the scene itself. I tried it on my iPhone 6 with Cardboard but it is not stereoscopic so Cardboard does not work with it. Using a VR headset should provide a more realistic experience in turning your head should let you have a natural view. When using the phone I had to move it around to see the entire scene.

If you have not experienced it I do recommend trying this just to get the perspective of being immersed in the scene. The filming was done with a 360 degree camera and it was placed in the center of the room with the cast surrounding it. The film does demonstrate the challenge of the viewer not necessarily looking at an expected point at any time.

The story is not necessarily feature film material but the real experience is in envisioning how VR film making will be a profound change in personal entertainment.