A day does not go by now without my seeing another news story post about augmented or virtual reality. These areas are ripe for innovation because technology is providing both the display capability and compute power to generate aspects of reality that match something the user is doing. That may be to completely render the scene the user is viewing for virtual reality or to add layers of information for augmented reality. I believe that 2016 will be the year that consumer level technology will significantly raise the demand for content of one sort or another.

Google Cardboard has already let the consumer experience virtual reality and a number of applications are taking advantage of it. I already have more than 8 applications on my iPhone 6 that involve either AR or VR for Cardboard. Each of those provides a view into different approaches to creating content with some producing better results than others.

One issue that I have had with both Cardboards, from different providers, that I have is a propensity for double vision while viewing at least some content. I am guessing that this is due to my interpupillary distance (IPD) which is the distant between your pupils. One Cardboard maker is Unofficial Cardboard that has a unit with lenses that can be moved to better conform to your IPD. I ordered their 2.0 unit and am expecting it soon so I should be able to compare the experience with my previous units. The specific one that I ordered was http://www.unofficialcardboard.com/products/2-0-plus?variant=13554853511

I am hoping that this solves or at least reduces the double vision issue and should be able to report on that soon.

More to come.