A quick review of the Bose QC-35 wireless headset. I’ve been using a QC 15 at work for some time and regularly catch the audio cable on something (chair arm most of all) and half the time yank the cable out. I got tired of the enough last week to buy the Bose QC 35 wireless headset. It works like a champ but one caveat on it. The 15 has a solid throw switch for on/off. The 35 on/off switch is a different design and more flimsy. It appears to be easy to abuse. It feels different to your fingers and I have a tendency to push it in in addition to sliding it. I’ve learned to look at it and turn it on before putting the headset on. Audio quality is at least equal to the 15, over ear comfort is the same. It also has a rechargeable battery in it with a usb charging cable. I’ve been wearing my 15 much more often at work lately to reduce surrounding office environment noise.

It connecting to up to 2 BT sources means that if you are listening using one of them (such as your MBP) while connected to your phone if a phone call comes in you get a spoken notification with the option to switch BT sources. Worked very well for me minutes ago.

My only complaints are that the power button seems flimsy and asking to break and it would be nice to connect to more than 2 BT sources. In my case my source are iPhone, MBP personal, MBP work and iPad so being able to do 3 at any one time would work best for me.