This is my review of the new Apple AirPods. They are small wireless (bluetooth) earbuds that each fit in an ear and are not connected to each other by wire. Each has a battery which is supposed to last for 5-hours. Pairing them with my iPhone was automatic and immediate once I opened their holder. I only had to acknowledge the pairing on my phone. They come already charged and with a small holder that you slide them in for charging when not in use. When the holder is opened and the phone connects a popup window appears showing the charge level on the holder and pods. I do always put them back in their holder (and thus charging) when not in use. I have gone not the distance yet but have had them in for 2 or 3 hours at a time without any problem.

The bluetooth range is very good (from my iPhone 6) and I was able to leave my phone charging in the kitchen to go upstairs with no loss of connectivity.

They fit snugly in the ear and do not feel like they will easily fall out which is the primary concern that I have and have read about.

When just wearing them around the house and on my bike trainer I have not felt like they will fall out.

One did come out when I pulled a t-shirt off over my head. The other immediately stopped playing which should make it easier to recognize that one has fallen out and not leave it behind. When wearing a heavier jacket it may be possible for the collar to touch a pod causing it fall out but that has not happened to me. Something else that I have not tried yet is being out on the bike with a helmet. I am wondering if the helmet straps might make contact with a pod and cause it to fall out. I will eventually try that and update this when I know.

I have tried them on a several short runs and had no trouble with them falling out. In thinking back to running with earbuds connected by a wire they would typically be pulled out by me snagging the wire so that avenue should be closed now.

They have the same form factor as Apple earbuds and have no active noise cancellation. This means that they do not remove outside sounds but do reduce them to some degree. When walking outside with a moderate wind I am able to hear the audio from them.

One important thing to note is that they do attract attention and may make you feel conspicuous. I have had a suspicion a couple of times that someone has thought that I was wearing unusual earrings which feels a little odd.

So far after a few days of use (office, commute, grocery store and home) I have no complaints. More to come as I try them for longer periods of time.