I am fortunate to be working with very technically astute and experienced people and see more evidence of that every day. We are coming up on delivering some code and I got a few practical tips from my boss. The code is controlled in a git repository, is a combination of Java/Javascript/html/AngularJS, developed using Eclipse and built using Maven. I'm still a relative newbie to mvn but one tip was to not have anything special in your settings.xml because that might not convey to other developer environments without additional effort/communication and to blow away and regenerate your .m2/repository. When I cleared out my local repository I discovered that several things would no longer build causing me to find and correct the issue in a few pom.xmls. Those two factors probably make a big difference in the ability to convey projects to other developers more easily and I thought that I would pass them along to anyone else in a learning mode. I am always looking for other suggestions/comments so please don't hesitate to pass them along.