In a previous post I commented on VR film making, the complexities of new camera technology (360 spherical for example) and how directors have to account for the entire room being in the scene. It occurs to me that another aspect of VR film is the sound. By that I mean that the visual aspect is only one part of the viewing experience. The sound that the viewer hears is just as important because that increases the element of reality and can act as a cue for where to look.

To be completely immersive VR googles/glasses also must have earphones that very accurately convey the sound of what the viewer is seeing. If the sound is mono or does not feel like it is coming from where something is happening the viewer will not feel a sense of being there or actual immersion. This means that whatever camera technology is being used there must be matching sound recording that captures exactly where the sound is coming from. The viewer should be turning their head to see where they heard something.

If a viewer is not turning their head in response to sound then that is an indication that the experience is less than optimal. I do not know how highly accurate sound recording is done but I am interested in learning a bit more about it. More to come.