I have paid for a GitHub account for some years with the reason being able to create multiple private repositories. This gives me the convenience of having a central place for keeping some files that I need to share between several computers. I never share or collaborate any of my private repos at least so far.

I have been using AWS CodeCommit on a limited basis for some time and have been considering whether or not I should just move my GitHub private repositories to CodeCommit repos and stop paying GitHub.

CodeCommit pricing is very likely going to not cost me anything where GitHub is costing me $7 per month.

Using CodeCommit is a little more involved than GitHub but not a decision maker by any comparison.

I use a Mac and have to fiddle around at times to let me be able to use CodeCommit and ran across a tip a while back that is very useful. I unfortunately do not remember where I saw this but adding the following to my ~/.ssh/config file lets me use CodeCommit without any trouble on my Mac.

The MySshKeyId value is from my IAM account console SSH keys for AWS CodeCommit area. The keyfile is my private key that I created for CodeCommit.

Host git-codecommit.*.amazonaws.com
    User MySshKeyId
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/keyfile

I would appreciate hearing from anyone that has thoughts, opinions or experiences on this subject.