I have both personal and work MacBook Pros and my personal MBP is getting long in the tooth (2012). I’ve been considering updating it to a newer model but the cost is not trivial and I have to adapt to using USB-C at home. Instead I’ve been wondering if a PixelBook would be able to effectively do development and related stuff using AWS Cloud9?

I am still not a pro at Cloud9 but am able to use it and would like to spend more time with it. I use Spot instances quite a bit now and at $0.02 to $0.06 an hour they are an excellent means of reducing compute related costs.

While I am a dedicated Apple fan I would be willing to try an alternative to the MBP that lets me do what I need to just as effectively with an alternative.

I am entirely willing to have less compute power and storage locally for that cheaper, lighter weight and longer battery life trifecta of doing everything in AWS if possible.

One important point on this is that my MBP can get warm/hot enough that I have to put it down or sit it on an arm rest when I am on the couch. I’ve been wondering what the temperature level on the PixelBook can get to? If it always stayed cool enough to keep on my lap that would sway my decision in a big way if everything else was good enough.

I need to research a bit more on the PixelBook particularly around using a VPN with it.

More to come on this subject.