The technology opportunities for elder care such as the Amazon Echo (Alexa) and virtual reality are pretty neat. Improving the lives of the elderly and stimulating their environment is a fascinating area to explore.

The description of “technologies like VR can really expand a resident’s world,” in the following article is an interesting point.

The technology for VR might be somewhat difficult to provide and support for someone not familiar with it. It might also be a bit confusing as to what they are seeing but it still something to explore in situations where more personal support can be provided.

The voice interface of Alexa (the Amazon Echo) can be a much easier thing to adapt to than a computer keyboard, tablet or unusual viewing device. Voice is much more familiar and the device can also provide a presence where someone feels less alone.

Custom Alexa skills can be tailored to the individual by a family member which can make it even more useful.

The Echo Show is an Echo device with a display that is more effective where someone is able to conveniently see the display and read from it. An example is having Alexa speak an address. Trying to copy an address down when it is only spoken is more challenging. The Show can display the address in addition to speaking it.

I am a committed believer in the opportunities provided by the Echo and expect to be blogging about this much more often.