If you sell software, particularly “big” software, do you provide an easy way for people to try it out? Do you have a way for potential customers to start it up in the cloud in less than 15 minutes for cheap? Or, do you make them contact a sales rep, who will get back with them later to get contact info, then provide them with a download link, then make them install and configure it, yadda yadda yadda. Or can they just start up an image in the Amazon AWS Marketplace and just start using it. Like I just did with the Magento open source ecommerce platform. A while back I had the same experience with Splunk. From wanting to try it to having it fully up and running in less than 15 minutes in the AWS. That’s what you call good.

A while back I had the same experience with using Splunk in the AWS and posted about it.

With Magento it was just as easy and this system is much more complex than Splunk. It includes a large number of features associated with store fronts, products and customers.