I have had a number of excellent instrument traning flights recently.  Each of them have included some practical learning that I want to pass along here.  ForeFlight has been working very well and it is interesting to compare my experiences with my flying partner who does not have an iPad and has to collect sectionals and approach plates where I have them either immediately available or else immediately downloadable.  If at the start of a planned flight we decide to change the destination he has to switch things around or potentially even go buy them (like I used to have to).  The convenience of an EFB can not be overstated.  However, the flip side of that has been battery capacity and data connectivity availability.  I have and recommend a cellular data plan for convenience.  I use the AT&T 250mb plan for $15 a month.    Most airports have wifi coverage but that is not guaranteed.  I also recently bought an external battery (New Trent IMP1000) for my iPad to ensure it is always available.  I also upgraded to ForeFlight Pro which provides georeferenced approach plates showing me where I am at in reference to an instrument approach and on a taxi diagram.
More to come.