Augmented reality (AR) has always been limited by the requirement that technology be available to allow someone to look through goggles (or the equivalent) that additional information can be overlaid upon. I recently ran across an announcement for a device that can do this at While it is expensive (the developer model anyway) it may provide exactly what is required to really get value from AR.

Virtual reality (VR) is a display in front of your eyes that you cannot see through so everything you see must be graphically generated which means that you likely cannot use it in a safety related situation (such as driving) or just walking around for that matter. Google Glass does not provide this because the device is not in your sight line meaning you have to look away to see it. AR with a phone or tablet required you to hold it up to look at it or have your head down.

Having a look through device coupled with head tracking and a camera input means that it is aware of where you are looking and can also interpret what you are looking at and that it leaves your hands free to do useful work.

If this does come to fruition it is an exciting development in the area of AR and will lead to practical applications in the near future.