I’ve been a LiveScribe Echo pen user for a few years and relatively happy with it. If you are not familiar with them LiveScribe pens capture what you are a writing (in a special notebook) and transfer it to the desktop. One issue that I’ve always had are problems sync’ing with the desktop every now and then. I have been an Evernote user for a few years as well and upgraded to a premium account a few months ago. Since my Echo has been showing its age lately I decided to switch to the LiveScribe Sky pen (wifi and Evernote only, no desktop).

I did have a few problems with the setup of the Sky today. It was not charged at all and I had to wait a little while charging it to be able to do anything with it. The setup for it told me to enter a code displayed on the pen but the pen would only tell me to set the time. When I tried to set the time (requiring touching the set time function on the notebook) it would only say that I needed to update the firmware before I could continue so I was stuck. LiveScribe customer support was very helpful and had me hard reset the pen and start a helper app which then did the required firmware setup.

I am hoping for the opportunity to do a few neater things with the Sky and Evernote and more effectively capture and have notes available to me anywhere from now on. I will pass along how this works out as time goes on.