I’ve been interested in improving my posture while using my MacBook Pro at home. At work I have it on a stand and use a bluetooth keyboard and trackpad with it. I recently saw an ad for the Roost stand and decided to give it a try. The Roost sits the machine at my eye level which helps me keep from slouching while using it when it is sitting on the desk. The Roost also quickly folds into a narrow 13 inch long shape that should fit in a bag pretty well. The only issue with this is that it means that you have to use an external keyboard/trackpad|mouse configuration (and associated batteries/charger) so they have to be packed as well. So far I have only used the Roost at home but it definitely keeps me sitting upright. I also think that it sits the MBP a bit higher than my stand at work so I might consider using the Roost everywhere. The height is adjustable which helps you put it right where you can see it best. More on the Roost can be found at http://www.therooststand.com/