I bought a water rower a while back and revised my workouts to primarily focus on it. I also started following it with some yoga (using the Yoga Studio app on the iPad which I am very happy with). I use a heart rate monitor during my workouts and have been surprised at how yoga keeps my heart rate up more than I had expected that it would. This might be due to my lack of flexibility and the effort that I have to put in to even come close to the poses but I'm satisfied with the addition to my workouts. The following graph shows 30 minutes of rowing followed by 30 minutes of yoga. While I don't think that I'm going to set up a DougsYogaCam anytime soon (unless the Comedy Channel is interested) I like the change. Oh, and if you are someone that thinks that "The practice of Yoga is pagan at best, and occult at worst." and leads to he/she/it/them/null being unhappy with me, boy are you way too late. IMG_2091