I ran across the Mac Dash app (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dash-docs-snippets/id458034879?mt=12) a couple of weeks ago and wanted to pass along a short review of it. Dash is a neat little tool that aggregates API info and makes it easily searchable. It comes with a selection of APIs (Java, MongoDB, JS, Node, ...) that can be selected and installed. It is also possible to import JavaDoc/Docset information very easily (which I did for JBoss RestEasy). While you can get contextual information from any IDE that you are using (Eclipse for example) I have found Dash to make it easier to search a broader area if you are just browsing or not already familiar with what you are looking for. Dash also includes Google and Stack Overflow searches by default which can be helpful at times. It is not open source but I don't mind paying for affordable tools that prove to be useful. This encourages independent developers to continue to innovate or make tasks easier in general.