For anyone interested in the JBoss Data Grid (6.1) or Infinispan I have been doing a little work using it for a remote cache (hotrod). I'm keeping a simple class in it that contains some strings and lists of strings. One problem that I had been having was that I could not figure out how to use the JDG cli to show me the objects that I had in cache (which is really helpful for debugging). It would always return a 'null' on a get. I figured out how to get it to actually show me my objects in cache today. All that was required was for me to install my jar containing my classses as a module under JDG modules like modules/com/dougtoppin/cache/main and put the usual module.xml in that dir. The other thing that I had to do was to make my module a dependency in infinispan by adding it to modules/org/jboss/as/clustering/infinispan/main/module.xml. Once I did that I was able to get the cli to show me my entries with: * $ ./ * connect remoting://localhost:49999 * stats myCache * cache myCache * encoding hotrod * get "myKey" That would dump my object out along with the class related information. I thought that I would pass that along in case anyone else is interested in the subject. I'm working up a simple quickstart or tutorial type demo that shows the whole process end-to-end. If anyone happens to know a better way please pass it along to me. I could not find anything about how to do this.