I needed to find a perl script that I wrote years ago and had no luck finding it on any of my computers. Searching gmail (on the outside chance I had attached it to something) also did not find it. However, gmail searches are within a time range by default so I opened the range up by preceding the search term with 'any: ' (note the blank after the colon) and that found it (from 2007). I had lost the script from the computer(s) that I've had since that time but I had luckily included the script in an email attachment and recovered it. This brings to mind personal archival storage approaches. Since you might lose a disk/computer at any time what approach do you use to retain rarely used files forever? You can email them to yourself, upload to a service (like Github or Amazon Glacier) or keep them on a disk/flash drive somewhere but you need to be able to discover them again likely long after you have forgotten the name or misplaced the physical media.