I have used a MySQL database for a few years to act as a notes repository for me. I run it on a SheevaPlug (plug computing device) at home which means that I have to have a port open in my firewall to give me access to it from anywhere. I am moving it to an AWS (Amazon cloud) instance this weekend to give me some more compute power on it because I have not been able to get Node.js running on my SheevaPlug (Ubuntu 9). I continually find that the AWS has the broadest set of capabilities and planned structure that is out there. I suspect that in the near future most computing will consist of thin clients or mobile devices at the front end and a cloud at the back end. As long as you have good connectivity there is no real reason that you need to spend a lot on local compute or storage. I find that wireless connectivity has become a utility like electricity and water to me. I just expect to have it available wherever I am at and when it is not it aggravates and inconveniences me.