If you haven't used it Node.js is a quick means of standing a a webserver that supports Javascript (so that you can do server side Javascript). I decided to do a little node experimentation today and to make it more interesting I would write some Node scripts, run and test them on my MacBook Air, commit them to my GitHub repository and then check them out and run them on an AWS EC2 instance. It all worked very well and convinces me even more that I can almost always get by with using my MBA for typical and mobile development and then use the AWS "for real". I have so far only used my public (free) GitHub repository but I'm beginning to debate switching to a basic paid plan and starting to keep all the tools that I've developed on it. I do find that the mental context switch of svn at home and git at home can be a little jarring but I'm gaining much more respect for git and trying to make a habit of using it as much as possible.