I experiment with writing augmented reality (AR) apps on my iPad/iPhone and feel like it will be a part of daily life before too long. The Google Glass project may be the first practical facilitator for that. The "Sight" video at while entertaining also contains a few elements that are examples of daily use. One of these is why have art on your walls at home when your Google Glasses will add it for you? The reason that I say the Glass project will act as a facilitator is because they will be on your face all of the time and you will not have to look down at your device nor hold it in your line of sight. One key aspect of any eyeglass AR design is to have the glasses only contain the electronics for adding to your view of the world and support for the orientation of your view. A separate device such as the iPad could be used as the compute and location engine and could be interfaced with using Bluetooth. One thing is for certain, the future will be cool.