I recently experienced another lesson learned situation that I think is worth passing along. I have used DropBox for a while and found that it worked well for my needs. However recently I needed to use another dropbox account for a class that I was in and I wanted to copy a few files from it to my account. I discovered that if you do that you have to be careful that it does not end up merging the files from the two accounts. To my chagrin I learned this lesson the hard way when the files from my account suddenly appeared in the class account. Duh. I believe what happened was that the same directory ended up being used on my computer for both accounts. A download from one and then logging into the other caused the files found in that common directory to be uploaded/merged. I understand what happened but I wish it had warned or indicated what it was about to do in a fashion that I would have recognized and understood was not what I was intending to happen.