I got back yesterday from a 7-day class in iOS (iPad/iPhone) software development at the BigNerdRanch in Atlanta, Ga.  It was an excellent class and I recommend it for anyone interested in iOS.  The first two days were a refresher on Objective-C which worked out well for me as I had only hacked at it a bit in the past.  The remaining five days were an in depth review and implementation in numerous aspects of iOS.  Class sessions ran from 9am though 6:30pm with an hour for lunch.  After class I generally went back to my cabin and did some more work there.  I found that the class format and the location worked well for me.   I do not typically like commute style classes where I can be easily distracted by work.  By going to another location I am more likely to stay focused on the material and get more out of the program. I have a strong interest in mobile applications and think that opportunities for both innovation and just general applications on the iPad will continue to grow at an ever increasing rate for the foreseeable future.  I very much intend to be a part of it and expect that this class will be a good foundation for that path.