I typically use Keynote (Apple presentation application) for for giving presentations but on occasion have to use MS Office applications or file formats.  I signed up for the iCloud a month or so ago and have been slowly getting the hang of using it.  My iPad Keynote and Pages apps can use the cloud directly but the desktop versions have not integrated with it yet.  You can still keep files in it by using Safari to sign on at iCloud.com and then you can drag/drop files to and from it.  These files can include MS Office formats such as .doc and .docx.  I have also been able to use Pages to import MS Word files and continue working on them on either my iPad or MacBook Air.  When Apple fully integrates the desktop Pages/Keynote apps the business community will likely accelerate their move to Apple products.  Most (or even all) corporate IT groups are finding that employees are willing to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device, meaning the MacBook and iPad) but also expect to be able to use them.  In my own situation I am entirely willing to supply my own hardware for professional work whenever possible.  This can cause IT budgets for devices to actually be reduced but their support for BYOD to have to increase.  One thing is for certain, if you try to ignore the trend your competitors will  not and gain an advantage on you.