I am finding that I am doing more and more of my photography using only my iPhone instead of my Canon Digital Rebel and my Lumix point and shoot. The iPhone is always with me, is very convenient, includes location and syncs the photos easily with my iMac desktop (which then syncs them to my iPad-2). I can't say enough about the location data facilitating photo finding. In the past I would have to remember when some event occurred to find the associated pictures. Now (with iPhoto) I am able to find pictures by their location which is much quicker and helps in the topical organization as well. The only thing that I am missing is the utility of my several Canon lenses but I can usually edit the pictures to crop or zoom the areas that I would have done using a lens. I have 3 iPhone camera apps now with various features for shooting and am almost exclusively doing photo editing on the iPad using a couple of editing apps now rather than my desktop. While the editing apps have limited functionality they pretty much do whatever I usually need to do and with less complexity. You can't beat good enough.