I recently bought the Kindle book "Make Your Own Rules" by Wayne Rogers (The MASH actor) and am finding it very thought provoking. Wayne has run a number of businesses over the years and has a very motivating writing style (makes you want to run out and start a small business). I have been interested in the potential that QR Codes have for marketing and various other information sharing applications and keep thinking that there is a business opportunity out there for me. Having worked for someone else my entire adult life I would like to find a way to make my own way eventually. I do recommend the book. I am also finding that I have bought more books via my Kindle than I would have bought physical ones. It has definitely increased the breadth and depth of my reading. I do tend to read them using the iPad Kindle app just because I always have my iPad with me. I still like the actual Kindle device but keep it in the house most of the time.