I have had a iPad-1 for a number of months and have been completely satisfied with it. Once the iPad-2 came out I have been debating whether or not to get one. The potential of the camera was attractive enough to keep me thinking about it but I kept delaying the decision. A recent conversation with a friend from graduate school who had made the upgrade finally convinced me to "just do it". I am satisfied with it but have not gotten the hang of the smart case yet. I had a much larger case on the iPad-1 which I could quickly set up in the couple of configurations that it supported. The smart case has given me a much harder time to get into an orientation that I is comfortable. I am probably going to keep an eye out for a better choice. As to the device itself, the performance is definitely a bit better and the camera is convenient. The other features of AirPlay video to Apple TV is also helpful. That had been an issue a couple of times previously. So far I am 50/50 on the benefit of upgrading.