As a test I have used the iPad app Keynote to compose and give several presentations over the last few months. I used the iPad VGA output adapter to go from the iPad to the projector. This works fairly well but you should always try it in the projector before you give the presentation. On one occasion it did not work so I fell back on a laptop and PDF file to give the presentation and then afterwards when I tried it again it worked fine. I think that there may be a delay in the automatic detection and config of the interface. Keynote has worked well for me but when I used the blackboard background it was noticeably slow when changing pages. I would probably use it for professional presentations as long as I did not have to import ms ppt slides from anyone. The iPad-2 with the digital av output adapter supports the mirroring of the iPad display to hdmi so it might be a bit more flexible for general purpose presentation/demo use. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad