I have had a couple of flights recently for my G1000 transition/instrument training and am doing reasonably well at it. Last night I had a lesson in the RedBird FMX sim and I did fairly well and was ahead of the plane most of the time. I did blow through the localizer one time but that was really my only mistake. I am pretty familiar with the G1000 now and am continually impressed with what it can do with the caveat that it can still be a distraction if you let it. On the subject of using my iPad as an EFB I am still finding that it is most useful for flight planning rather than in flight use. When I try to use it in flight I put it on my right knee (using my little self made iPad kneeboard) and I put my old kneeboard on my left knee so that I can scribble quickly on it. The position of the iPad seems to interfere with yoke movement at times and if i try putting the iPad on my left knee my wrist tends to rest on it which causes it to register the touch. If I had an easy way to keep paper along with the iPad on the same knee that might work out a little better. I do find that the brightness of the iPad display is a problem during night flights. During my two most recent night flights I had to put the iPad away because I could not get the brightness down enough to not be a distraction. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad