I transitioned to the G1000 late last year after resuming my instrument training. I flew with my instructor in a recent model 172 last night and had my first opportunity to try synthetic vision. I flew 2 low approaches to KOKV ILS 32 and then the LOC 17 back to KJYO. Oddly enough I found that once I got used to seeing the syn vis I started to fixate on it (and not follow my approach plate directions) on the LOC 17 back to KJYO. I definitely experienced a little cognitive overload for a bit. Seeing the airport and runway indications caused me to start looking at them and trying to aim at them (the completely wrong thing to do) instead of using it for situational awareness. Next time I will know better. Also, this was my first night flight with the iPad. I had trouble with the brightness and finally put it away because I was messing with the brightness control too much, another learning experience. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad