I have had a SheevaPlug (little fan less, flash based, Linux plug computer) for over a year and have been very happy with it. I keep it up 24/7 and it acts a place that I can get to from wherever I am. I have a MySQL db on it and keep a lot of notes and so on in that. A few weeks ago it failed and after a little research I discovered that a number of people had had power supply problems with it. I ordered a replacement ps ($10) from them and got it working again last night. I had not backed up my db in a year and so would have lost a lot of stuff if I had not been able to get it working again (note to self, actually implement that automatic db export and backup like I meant to get around to). Since I have been happy with it I ordered the DreamPlug (more capable and supports wifi). That will even be more convenient. I installed iSSH and mysql clients on my iPad last night and now am able to use the SheevaPlug from my iPad too. Works great. One reason that I had gotten the SheevaPlug was that I felt guilty about wasting power keeping my main desktop Linux machine up 24/7. The SheevaPlug uses significantly less power.