I have an instrument lesson tonight (RedBird FMX sim) where I will be doing the KOKV (Winchester, Va) ILS/LOC 32 approach in IMC on the G1000. Up to now I have only been doing non-precision approaches so this should be pretty interesting. I have not actually flown using the G1000 yet so I think that I am ready to give it a shot.  The sim works well and allows resetting your position easily and much more cheaply than actually flying.  Garmin has a desktop sim (Windows only) for the G1000 that hangs almost every time that I try to use it at home so I am limited to only reading about it and the King Schools G1000 training course. I will also be using ForeFlight again on my iPad with my home made kneeboard which is working pretty well.  One thing that I particularly like about the iPad (and ForeFlight) is that it allows me to easily browse various items (like weather, sectionals and procedures) conveniently.    This supports a continuing education/memory refresh between flying/lessons.  It is also just plain interesting to look at various airports around the country.