I had another instrument lesson (RedBird FMX Sim, G1000) last night and few several VOR-A approaches into KMRB (Martinsburg, WV). I also used a little homemade iPad kneeboard for the first time. Other than one mistake in the missed approach I did pretty well in general. My instructor had me in IMC all the way down to the MDA (1020) so the runway environment would come and go in visibility on the approach. I also did a better job in the non-precision approach in that I got down to the MDA pretty quickly and held it there (for a change). The iPad kneeboard worked very well and I think it helped with me my ForeFlight proficiency this time (less fumbling around). To make the kneeboard all I did was get an iPad back protector, put some velco on it and got a cheap kneeboard and put velco on that. It held the iPad well enough to be stable and I was able to quickly refer to it when I needed to. One thing that I wish was possible with the RedBird was some way to communicate the weather conditions to ForeFlight on the iPad. That would add to the realism aspect.