I picked up the Mevo livestreaming camera today and am on my second test usage of it. So far I am very disappointed. Each of the videos that I’ve seen from people reviewing it have been vastly better than what I am experiencing at home. Even at the lowest resolution setting I am getting frequent heavy pixelation and timeout errors over wifi.

A recent speed test from my iPad Pro 9.7 showed that I am getting a regular 47 Mbps download and upload speeds varying between 23 Mbps and 37 Mbps. This is via Verizon FIOS.

If this does not improve it is definitely going back.

I have done a number of livestreams of meetup groups in our area (all on my YouTube channel) and have been using a Logitech BCC950 with my MacBook Pro which has worked very well.

I wanted to try reducing my rig to an iPad and the Mevo and based on the video reviews I’ve seen of it that seemed reachable. The Mevo iOS app also provides some reasonable studio capabilities (selecting camera view for example) and I thought that that would also improve my meetup captures.

Unfortunately, the pixelation and errors are bad enough so far to reduce my willingness to keep trying it but I figure that a few more days is reasonable.