Somewhat different than the typical Zombie Apocalypse Fiction

The main character was born around after the time of the Zombie Apocalypse (ZA) and did not know of any other life. An unusual aspect of the dialog was that it is not in quotes, instead almost looking like thoughts. I don’t believe that I have seen this before and I liked it. Since the ZA had happened some years previously the grammar is poorer. This was the first depiction that I’ve seen of life well after the ZA and the inevitable erosion or even disappearance of structured education. The result of this would include some no longer being able to read or write for example.

I did find that some infrastructure elements like water, power, some gasoline stations and vehicles still operating were unexpected given the passage of time. I don’t believe that the original cause was discussed which I appreciated because that is covered excessively in most other books on the subject. Not to include any spoilers, I only mention that the Z and some survivor depictions also included differences that I have not seen before that added to the interest.

If you are looking for ZAF that is thought provoking and different this is an excellent example and I recommend it.

You can find it at The Reapers Are The Angels: A Novel