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AWS Config and Lessons Learned

Lesson learned today that taught me the value of using the AWS Config service to check for expected resource usage. I inadvertently launched an ec2 c4.large instance yesterday while experimenting with the Batch service (it is surprisingly not explicit about an impending launch). I noticed the unusual instance type running and thought it had been started by someone else in my group. They also had noticed it and thought I had launched it. I asked about it and we realized neither of us had intentionally launched it. That caused me to add a rule to the Config service to consider any type outside the usual 3 types that we launch to be noncompliant in the config report. I have not yet come up with a way to prevent the launch in the first place but that is on my list (IAM policy coming). Another interesting part of this is that since it was a managed service the user was listed as the root account even though it was due to me. This was because Batch created an autoscaling group of 0-1 with a desired state of 1 by default so be aware that ASGs might launch as well (particularly out of the normal workday). Note that some instances can run $13/hour. Also pay attention to what your ec2 account limits are. If they are in the 10s/100s you could run up a pretty good bill unexpectedly. You cannot set limits by individual instance types (at least directly). Now that I am much more familiar with Config I expect to be using it quite a bit more.